Submission for Animation and Graphics: AE Animation

I wanted to base my animation on something I feel passionate about. I created a list of things I know I love and could create a video from:

Go karting


Socialising (a pub or club type of video)Restaurants (finding new restaurants)

Activities (every month I try a new Activities I could of filmed the newest one I did)

And much more! My list was endless however I decided to choose fashion. As its something I love and I am very passionate about. I love discovering new aesthetics and being a different person every time. Fashion is a big part of my life as I love shopping and finding new styles and I love finding a new type of confidence every time. Unfortunately I am not  confidence person but once I put on new clothing I feel a sense of confidence within myself. I wanted to create a video of different aesthetics I have tried out and maybe whoever watches this video it could help them and give them confidence to try something different. I tried to use every technique that was taught from the lessons. I used many lines in different ways and every writing on the video I animationed it differently and I also did a small rotoscope to finish the video off. 

Creating this video was easy as I filmed using my ring light at my university accommodation. Deciding what outfits was the hardest part (as I have a lot of clothing). Once I decided I changed my make up and hair everytime to match the outfit. I filmed myself up to five minutes making poses with each outfit. With all the video I had around 30 minutes worth of footage.
I edited in premiere Pro to cut each video down. This took a while due to my laptop being old however I got there in the end. After I opened up after effects and started to edit with line animation. I did this throughout the video as the lines would compliment each outfit. I also added words In to describe each aesthetic.
Creating this took a lot longer than expected as I redid the editing a few time to get it the way I liked it. I am very happy with the results.

Link to my video as it will not upload on the website:


My gif is four photos of myself opening and closing my eyes. I edited the photos in order to look like my eyes were opening and closing and when they opened up I edited my pupils that look like foxes pupils.
There’s a saying “eyes are like the window to the soul” to which I wanted to portray in this gif. As my brand name being so in depth with my personal life I wanted to make a gif that links up with that.
I made two gifs in total; one gif I used a photo of a foxes eye and edited it onto my eyes. However i chose this gif as it looks more realistic and simple as like my logo.

This is my link to my GIF as this website seems to only upload as a photo:


Backround to my name
When I was eight years old I would have recurring nightmare of a fox chasing me and brutally killing me. This nightmare carried out until I was twelve years old and I started to get bulled because over time I developed a phobia of foxes and whenever saw a fox near me I would pass out or go completely still. Two years passed and I started to control my phobia and one night I was with a group of kids from my school and we was all making nicknames up for eacher. These kids used to bully me for passing out whenever I saw a Fox and they remembered I had the phobia and gave me the nickname Foxie as a joke. However after that comment I stuck up for myself and walked off. However I kept the nickname as it reminds me how powerful I am and how i now like to confront my feelings head-on no matter the situation. I wanted to name my brand Foxie as it shows strength and it shows I can handle anything that comes my way.


I created five logos in total. Two of these were the same however different colours. The original was red and black however it gave very dominants vibes to which would of shown what my brand stands for however I decided to go with orange and white as its more neutral and more friendly. It also represents a fox more as their fur is orange.

I loved this design as its simple yet effective. The main thing i wanted to focus on is having a simplistic logo as they get recognized ad used more. One of my logo ideas was to add on a tail at the bottom of the logo however it made the logo too busy.