Submission for Animation and Graphics: AE Animation

I wanted to base my animation on something I feel passionate about. I created a list of things I know I love and could create a video from:

Go karting


Socialising (a pub or club type of video)Restaurants (finding new restaurants)

Activities (every month I try a new Activities I could of filmed the newest one I did)

And much more! My list was endless however I decided to choose fashion. As its something I love and I am very passionate about. I love discovering new aesthetics and being a different person every time. Fashion is a big part of my life as I love shopping and finding new styles and I love finding a new type of confidence every time. Unfortunately I am not  confidence person but once I put on new clothing I feel a sense of confidence within myself. I wanted to create a video of different aesthetics I have tried out and maybe whoever watches this video it could help them and give them confidence to try something different. I tried to use every technique that was taught from the lessons. I used many lines in different ways and every writing on the video I animationed it differently and I also did a small rotoscope to finish the video off. 

Creating this video was easy as I filmed using my ring light at my university accommodation. Deciding what outfits was the hardest part (as I have a lot of clothing). Once I decided I changed my make up and hair everytime to match the outfit. I filmed myself up to five minutes making poses with each outfit. With all the video I had around 30 minutes worth of footage.
I edited in premiere Pro to cut each video down. This took a while due to my laptop being old however I got there in the end. After I opened up after effects and started to edit with line animation. I did this throughout the video as the lines would compliment each outfit. I also added words In to describe each aesthetic.
Creating this took a lot longer than expected as I redid the editing a few time to get it the way I liked it. I am very happy with the results.

Link to my video as it will not upload on the website:

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