360 Video Workbook

Week One

This week I learnt what the new module is, which was creating and editing a 360 video. Within this lesson we learnt how to use the 360 video camera. Which was fairly simple and easy to use as I thought I’d need to use more than one camera at once. This one camera turns on and records every angle as well as picking up sound around the room. We connected the camera to mobile phones to make sure where the stitch lines were and if there were any dark spots and to make sure it wasn’t covering the actors. 

Week Two

Today’s lesson I learnt all these video tequiences:


Position and orientation

Agency, Presence and immersion

Point of view

Zenith and nadir

Stitch lines

Knowing all these key terms and video tequiences will help me a lot during the process of making my three-sixty video. For example, knowing about stitch lines will help me create more of a realistic video as I never knew about stitch lines before, I would have assumed the camera was not correct. However, I now know it is normal and I need to make sure they are not covering the actors. 

Week Three

We were given a task to create an idea of our own for the 360 video. Recently I have been binge watching izombie, meaning I thought it would be an amazing idea to create a 360 video on zombies. To give the video a twist I thought the story line should be about a family in a zombie apocalypse and they left their daughter in the school so they could grab more supplies. However while they were away their daughter was bitten and the video would be about the parents finding out and deciding what to do. In the end the video would end of the dad killing their daughter. But another twist would be the camera would be the daughter meaning it will become an extreme experience for the audience. 

I loved my idea as I thought it was heartful and creative and I could show off my SFX makeup skills. 

Week Four

Unfortunately my idea was not chosen however everyone’s ideas was amazing! I ended up picking the band fight as I thought this would be fun to film and fun to watch. This lesson this week was mainly feedback to which myself and everyone had positive feedback.

Week Five

 We all had to create a script for the video. Below was my script…

The band script

All three members of the band are chilling and drinking around a table full of notes and ideas for their next song.

The bassist phone buzzes

The guitarist

 that is the 10th time your phone has gone off in the last hour.

The bassist

 it’s just an Instagram group chat notification

The guitarist

 can you put the group chat on mute? It’s kind of distracting when we are meant to be working.

The bassist picks up the phone and turns off his phone

The drummer takes a big sip of his beer and starts to slur his words

The drummer

clearly, we are not getting along today. Shall we wrap this up and go to a club.

The bassist

 yes, I am happy to wrap this up and agree I’m singing in the band.

The bassist starts to get up from his seat

The drummer

 We have already told you… you can’t sing. You sound like a cat being run over by a truck.

The guitarist

 that’s a little harsh, but he’s right you’re a terrible singer. We all know you love the attention and that’s why you want to sing. However, you will get the wrong attention towards the band.

The bassist sits down and leans towards the guitarist

The bassist

 Your just jealous you get no attention looking like that.

The bassist turns his phone on and his phone buzzes

The guitarist

You don’t mean that.

The bassist starts to message someone back. The guitarist then grabs the phone from his hands and starts shouting.

The guitarist

Whoever you’re messaging on this, can wait.

The bassist looks shocked as the guitarist starts waving his phone around. The drummer quickly grabs the phone. Points at the guitarist

The drummer

 Right, your singing

Then the drummer points at the bassist

The drummer

 you need to pay attention and stop attention seeking

The phone buzzes again.

The drummer looks down on the phone and reads the message and the drummer looks shocked. The bassist jumps up from their seat and tries to fight the drummer for his phone back and in the end the drummer gets the bassist onto the table with his hands behind his back.

The drummer 

I always knew you was an attention seeker, but I didn’t class you as a cheater…

The guitarist

Wait what do you mean?

The drummer looks at the guitarist and huffs and passes the phone. The guitarist reads the message and starts to look upset.

The guitarist

Who is this!

The drummer lets the bassist go and the bassist goes towards the guitarist.

The bassist

 I am so sorry. Ever since the band we haven’t had sex or even touched each other in weeks. She gave me the attention as you were too busy and stressed with this band. Please can I have my phone back? I understand we are done but let’s leave this with some dignity.

The guitarist opens the phone to look at the number

The guitarist

This is my mother’s number…

I thought my script was written correctly and was planned out very well. As there was a clear argument, and to end the argument there was a plot twist. I enjoyed my plot twist as it’s something that wouldn’t happen in real life (or at least very rarely). 

Week Six

This week we learnt how to set up the green screen and work the lighting. Thankfully I was a photographer’s assistant before university meaning I have set up a backdrop and lighting before. However this backdrop needed six lights to be well lit whereas I only use two to four lights depending on the shoot. I know how to set up a backdrop not a greenscreen but it was done the same way I would have set up a normal backdrop. However fitting the lighting to the green screen was a lot harder than using a normal backdrop. 

Week Seven

This week we started to record the video. We started the shoot around 12pm and we took a couple of takes as we wanted the video to be as good as we could get it. This took around three takes to make the video perfect. As we would adjust the lighting every time and adjust the seating too. Not only that but we made sure the actors looked and performed at their best.

Week eight 

This week We learnt about the job role of being a director and how important their jobs are. The directors have three main roles when directing which includes text interpretation, attitude for the actors and how the camera is used. 

Text Interpretation:

This is where the director looks at the script and connects the script with the actor. By looking into the interior and exterior of the characters. For example Gossip girls script was about upper class teenagers meaning they needed actors that looked under 18. They also needed actors that could come across as rich kids, by the way they look and talk. When the actors are playing the part they need to  represent the character’s obsession and will connect that by the use of camera work and the actor. For example, Gossip girl is obsessed with gossip and the director makes sure gossip girl is connected with everything within the show, By the way, the actors talk about gossip girl then the camera angle looking onto their phones. 

Attitude for actors:

The best way to describe the relationship between the actress and the director is like a therapist and patient. 

Camera use:

The way the camera is used on set makes a big difference. If the sense is based upon a main character being upset the camera must be up close and personal. While if a sense is intense and a couple of characters are fighting the camera must have a long shot of the two fighting. 

Week  Nine

We started to connect the videos together by using after effects. This was the most difficult part as I had a lot of issues with the video quality as my group used a different camera to everyone else. However I got the best quality I could and edited them together. I started by using the pen tool and taking the background off and going through all the video making sure i wasn’t taking any movement out. However Nick moved off screen but i decided to cut the video when he grabbed the bottle to leave suspense. After this I then used the keylight to take off the green screen. This took a long time as I had to adjust the setting to take away all of the green screen. After i then placed the subjects onto

Week Ten/ Eleven

This week I decided to clean up everything, by editing all of the mess on the floor by using the stamp tool. I then realized the stand was sight so I carried on using the stamp tool and removed the stand. Everything was coming together, however the floor on the actors scene wasn’t matching the floor in the 360 kitchen video. I then decided to take this into photoshop and colouring the floor to match the floor in the actors scene. By using the pen drop tool to get the perfect match. However it wasn’t perfect as the lighting on the floor was partly dark and partly light. I then decided to render the video and upload onto YouTube. It wasn’t perfect, however I was happy with the work I have done.